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Become a member, become involved. Join the Winged Commandos™!

Your membership is the first way you can support the organization. The Winged Commandos™ are actively recruiting new members to help preserve the history of the World War II glider pilots and other WWII veterans.

Information for Recruits

Regular members are those who get in uniform or period clothing and participate in living history activities and other unit programs. Regular memberships are $25 per year. For more information on uniform guidelines, visit the recruitment page.

Associate members have the same rights and privileges of regular members; however, they support the objectives of the organization in ways that does not require them to dress in WWII uniforms or period clothing. Associate memberships are $25 per year.

Family memberships are available to encourage participation of spouses and children. The group engages in many activities suitable for youth participation, such as the Forties style swing dance lessons taught weekly at Just Dancing! Professional Dance Studio In Lubbock. Family memberships are $40 per year.

Financial contributions help keep the history alive

Working as volunteers to preserve history and honor veterans is an important task. It is also an expensive one. Here are ways you can help the Winged Commandos™ achieve their objectives. Every member is responsible for obtaining their own uniforms and personal equipment used in their respective interpretations.

Event Sponsorships are important ways businesses and individuals can show their support and help make educational events happen. Winged Commandos™ are seeking sponsors for bringing exciting WWII events to Lubbock. A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, please contact the Group Commander.

Open contributions are used to help support the operations of the organization, including business expenses related to promoting awareness of the group, postage, and printing. Expenses associated with conducting historical glider program research and the delivery of educational programming are another way open contributions are utilized.

A designated gift means that your contribution goes toward completion of a specific project or activity. For example, monetary support is currently being sought to undertake the placement of monuments and markers at locations connected with WWII glider-related history. Winged Commandos™ restoration projects being planned include restoring a WWII sailplane or lightplane glider and the forward fuselage section of a CG-4A glider, both for use as traveling educational displays at living history and museum events.

In-kind support is important for helping the Winged Commandos™ defray expenses through supporters providing goods and services to accomplish our objectives. While every member owns and obtains their own uniforms, weapons and other equipment, the Winged Commandos™ are actively seeking donations of original and reproduction WWII items for use in creating educational displays for use at public events.

How to contribute

Contact any officer of the organization via email or you may call (806) 793-4448, or write to Winged Commandos™ WWII Living History Group, Inc. P. O. Box 98862, Lubbock, TX 79499.

A printable form is now available for you to use when making a donation or pledge by mail.

The Winged Commandos™ World War II Living History Group, Inc. is a chartered Texas non-profit corporation. Our application for IRS non-profit determination is currently pending.

Future Plans

The Winged Commandos™ are planning to acquire land and relocate one or more WWII-era Quonset-type buildings onto the property to establish our headquarters. Part of this headquarters will be dedicated to glider restoration projects.

One goal for this website is to connect people with varying interests in the WWII glider program and to facilitate the sharing of historical information. We welcome your comments and contributions.