Recruitment: Becoming a Member

recruitment poster

The Winged Commandos™ WWII Living History Group invites new members who are interested in developing impressions of military and civilian personnel with an emphasis on glider pilots both in training and while deployed overseas. The Winged Commandos™ is a not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to helping preserve World War II military glider program history through authentic living history activities and support of public education efforts at Silent Wings Museum in Lubbock, Texas.

American glider pilots in Europe were assigned to the IX Troop Carrier Command, 9th Air Force, while glider pilots in the China-Burma-India Theatre were part of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Air Commando units. Other welcome impressions include U. S. Army Airborne glider infantry; Airborne medics along with flight nurses; glider mechanics (representing the Mobil Repair and Reclamation Squadrons); as well as tow plane pilots who pulled gliders both in training and in combat.

Female military impressions are open to WAAC/WAC and WASPS. Although their barracks were far away from the men at SPAAF, there were dozens of women in uniform at SPAAF. Fifteen women pilots (WASPS) were stationed at SPAAF who served among the tow pilots working on the air field. Civilian roles for women include Red Cross workers, civilian employees of SPAAF, and portrayals of Home Front war effort activities.

Uniform and equipment guidelines are continuously being developed for members. Membership in the Winged Commandos is open to all individuals regardless of their race, sex, religion, physical challenges and who does not belong to any controversial political or illegal para-military organization.

Many opportunities exist for WWII living history around Lubbock. Increasingly, Silent Wings Museum is utilizing men and women in period uniform for tours and educational programming. Out of uniform, there are vehicle and aircraft restoration projects ongoing at Silent Wings Museum. In addition to Silent Wings Museum, numerous military aviation museums in the region host special events. The Winged Commandos™ partner other WWII living history units to present as much WWII information to the public as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about WWII history, supporting Silent Wings Museum and "putting on the uniform" we encourage you to complete a membership application and a member of the Winged Commandos™ will contact you to get started. Like the WWII glider pilots, we are all volunteers.

Our Three Objectives

Tribute Objective
To honor veterans, their service, loyalty and sacrifices in allegiance to the United States of America.

Education Objective
To broaden and enhance public education about the WWII military glider program in ways consistent with the goals of the Silent Wings Museum and to place appropriate markers and monuments.

Promotional Objective
To promote awareness of the Silent Wings Museum as the "Legacy of the World War II Glider Pilots" through living history activities including, but not limited to museum educational programs, museum special events and outreach attendance at appropriate WWII commemorative activities.