Historical Trivia

The mainstay of the U.S. glider force was the WACO CG-4A. Its fuselage was 48 feet 4 inches long, with a wingspan of 83 feet 8 inches. Empty, it weighed 3,755 pounds, and it had a payload of 3,745 pounds depending on the glider's modifications. Loaded, it carried a crew of two and thirteen fully-equipped airborne infantrymen.

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Living History Group


The Winged Commandos™ WWII Living History Group, Inc. was started in 2007 as a living tribute to the Allied glider pilots of the Second World War.

The name Winged Commandos was used in WWII as a general nickname for glider pilots in the U.S. at South Plains Army Air Field, Lubbock, Texas and other U.S. Army Air Forces training facilities.

Trooping the Squadron


CG-15A Glider Frame Arrives

On November 20, 2010, Winged Commandos was given a CG-15A glider cockpit and frame by a group of Minnesota men who began the project three years ago.

The frame and cockpit will be restored and used to demonstrate WWII glider cargo loading and unloading at living history events.

The CG-15A was a modified version of the CG-4A glider, the most well-known of the American WWII gliders. Changes which made the CG-15A unique include the single axle landing gear, and doors on the cockpit to allow aircrew members to exit quicker.

Winged Commandos wishes to thank Ingemar Holm, Jim Johns, Don Patton and Tom Wier of Minnesota for their generous gift.

Upcoming Events

MARCH 2011

March 13 Sunday
MEETING: New member orientation and event planning. 2:00PM-4:00PM. Silent Wings Museum Conference Room, 6202 North I-27, Lubbock, Texas.

March 19 Saturday
EVENT: St. Patricks Day Parade, Shamrock, Texas with US 1st Infantry Division Living History Group from Amarillo.

APRIL 2011

April 1-3 Friday thru Sunday
EVENT: Tactical event "Across the Rhine" near Denison, Texas. Sponsored by the Texas Military History Society (TMHS). Participation fees for TMHS members and non-members apply.

April 10 Sunday
TRAINING: Web gear, uniform basics, GI paperwork and group swap meet. 2:00PM-4:00PM. Silent Wings Museum Conference Room, 6202 North I-27, Lubbock, Texas.

April 16-17 Saturday and Sunday
EVENT: Muster Day event at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas. Sponsored by the official living history detachment of the Texas National Guard out of the Texas Military Forces Museum.